Joseph Frimpong (native to Ghana) lived in Canada from his teenage years, and spent many years working in the food manufacturing industry as a consultant. Joseph was born-again in 1991 while living in the Toronto area. When Joseph learned about a young New Testament assembly in his homeland of Ghana, he became increasingly interested in the young assembly and how he might be of assistance to them. Having made some trips to Ghana to visit, he was commended to the work of the Lord in 2001 to serve as a missionary to Ghana and work with the Bible Assembly Church. Heather Collyer had known Joseph for sometime, and also felt a strong calling to serve the Lord in missions. She first visited the Ghana mission in 2003, where the similar calling was recognized by both her and Joseph, and in the Lord's providence, they were married in 2004, and mutually commended from Shoreacres Bible Assembly in Ontario, arriving together in Ghana in early 2005. Emma was born in 2007, and Jesse Paul was born 2009. Joseph, Heather work closely with the Bible Assembly church, and have a strong desire to see other New Testament churches established in Ghana. Joseph offers excellent bible teaching, and evangelistic gifts to the work of the Lord, and is fluent in English and the local Twi language. Heather works primarily with the children in the Sunday school work, and also seeks to encourage and disciple the women of the assembly. Her administrative skills add much help to the assembly work.†
Daniel Webster grew up in Canada, and came to Christ at age 25 in Victoria BC. Daniel worked for 15 years as an Electronics Technologist in Victoria and later Kelowna, BC. After spending some years serving the Lord in the assemblies around Vancouver Island and in the Okanagan, he had a growing interest in missions work, and desired to travel to Bolivia and work with the missionaries Jurgen and Wendy Shultz. While waiting upon the Lord, it became apparent that the Lord wanted to redirect Danielís mission interest to Ghana, where he had learned about the young assembly, and the work that Joseph Frimpong had been involved with. After consultation and prayer, Daniel was commended by the Westbank Bible Chapel, Westbank, BC in September 2004. Daniel is primarily a bible teacher, and works with the Bible Assembly Church preaching and teaching the word of God. Daniel is also involved in evangelistic work, radio ministry, equipping the youth, and Emmaus Bible Course ministry.
Daniel Webster
Joseph & Heather Frimpong
Joseph & Heather Frimpong
With daughter Emma & son Jesse