Emmaus Bible Course:
To study these courses here is the process to follow:

1. Register as a Emmaus student (cost is 2GHC for students/non-workers, or 3GHC for workers).
2. Collect the first course in Series 1. Read each lesson carefully and complete the answers in the blank answer booklet. Then return
the course to the Emmaus Bible Center (TUC branch) for marking. Please remember to fill in your name on the answer booklet, and
write each answer clearly. Omissions or illegible will be marked wrong.
3. If you achieve a mark of 70% or higher you are qualified to collect the next course in the series, or if not, you may attempt to repeat
the same course until you can achieve the required pass grade of 70%.
4. Once you have completed the initial 12 courses in the first series, with 70% or above on each course, then you qualify to graduate
from the Emmaus Bible Center Ministry with a certificate of graduation. A graduation service is held from time to time in Kumasi to
award Emmaus bible students with their graduation certificates. A further graduation certificate is available for those who are able to
also complete all courses in the second series.
(Please note that there are some small fees associated with the actual graduation service, ie. gown rental, and certificate costs,
which amount to a total of about 20GHC per student.)
5. Please note that these courses require that students have some basic English reading and writing skills.
Emmaus Bible Center Ministry
Mission: The Emmaus Bible Center Ministry, is offering a number of bible courses to aid
people in understanding the message of the bible, and to help Christians grow in the grace
and knowledge of the Lord (2 Peter 3:18).
Emmaus Bible Course List
How to Register and Begin working on the courses:

1. You will need to complete an application for enrollment. This can be sent to you through email (if you request), and submitted at
the Emmaus Bible Center Mission (see address below), or mail it to the postal address given.

2. You may pick up your first course at the Emmaus Bible Center Mission in Kumasi. Once your application has been
received, and enrollment fee has been submitted. If you wish to have the courses mailed to you, then you will have to provide extra
fees for mailing costs (approx. 2 GHC/course).

Emmaus Bible Center Mission:

Branch Location:
Plot #10 Agyiewaa Bota Road, Buokrom Estates, Kumasi (Quarry - Truba)

Mail to: Emmaus Bible Center Mission Email: danielwghana@hotmail.com (Mr. Daniel Webster - corrector)
PO Box KS 13469 Phone: 024-325-1081 (Daniel)
Kumasi, Ghana.
Emmaus Courses: Series #1
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